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Month: March 2008

William P. Young in Kitchener

I have blogged about "The Shack" back in October and since then many of my friends have read the book and been impacted just like I was.  William Young (Paul) is coming to Kitchener next Friday and Saturday.  I am thinking about attending Friday night because I am very interested in his first talk on the Trinity which I believe is the essence of the issue that this book addresses.

The following is the schedule.  Brad Watson tells me there are lots of tickets still available.  Which may not be such a good thing for Brad but great for you.  For more information go to www.grandviewchurch.ca

William Young Friday Session

7 – 8pm            "Why How We Understand God, His Nature and Relationship Within the Trinity Affect The Way We Live Our Lives: Why The Story of the Shack Is So Incredibly Powerful."

8 – 9pm            Roundtable Discussion:  William Young, Ian Campbell, and Dr. Barker.  “Papa, The God Who Roars, and the God Who Weeps!”

William Young Saturday Session

9 – 10am           "The End of Future Tripping: Joy’s Companionship" 

10 – 11am         Q & A Session with the Author      

11am – Noon     Book Signing

Brad Watson

Pastor of Learning & Reaching Out Ministries

Grandview Baptist Church

250 Old Chicopee Drive,

Kitchener, ON, N2A 4J2

519-894-5513 ext. 246.

Reflections on Easter Sunday

Yesterday was a great day.  Celebrating the resurrection is always a highlight but yesterday was special.

It all started with one of our elderly men sharing with me his own story of life change.  Before the first service this gentleman waited patiently for me as I finished a discussion with another individual and once I was done asked if we could speak somewhere in private.  When we got to my office he proceeded to tell me how that on Tuesday morning of this past week at 4:00 a.m. he had become a follower of Jesus.  I did not know that he wasn’t a follower of Jesus.  On his own admission he told me that all his life he has been a religious man but that the last couple of months our teaching on Sunday mornings has clarified for him that following Jesus is not primarily about believing about but believing in Jesus. 

I learned a lot from my brief time with him . . . things like

  • It is never too late to experience spiritual life change
  • No matter how many times you say the same thing . . . you just have to keep saying the same thing
  • The Spirit of God is the difference maker

I wish you could have been with me in my office and seen tears of joy flow down a 74 year old mans face as he acknowledged Jesus as Saviour and Lord of his life.  I wish you could have seen my tears as God used his testimony to reaffirm in my life the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And this is how I started my day!

Both of our services were packed.  I have no idea how many people but it was a lot.  So many visitors and it was my privilege to talk about how the resurrection matters because it means that there is "more than this".  Our worship was dynamic.  Having so many people singing helped but the design to our service and our focus on lifting Jesus high was honoured.  As we always pray we trust that God was pleased with our gifts of praise to Him.

We baptized seven . . . all of their stories were impactful, showing all of us that the resurrected Christ changes lives. 

God is good. 


Off For A While

I have not blogged in some time.  I had a hard time connecting with Type Pad last week. 

Since returning from Jamaica I have learned that Lloyd or "Lyde" (Jamaican pronounciation) is in hospital suffering form the effects of a severe stroke.  This is a humble reminder of how even our best of plans can be changed in an instant.  The impact of poverty around the world is an enormous issue but it is brought home when you learn a name and meet a face.  Lloyd is a squatter who has for many years lived in a "tin shack" (if you can even call it that).

Today he is in a hospital bed in Jamaica with a very uncertain future.  We continue to pray for him that he will acknowledge Jesus as Lord of his life and that God would heal him.

Lloyd_with_building_supplies_2 Lloyd with construction materials for his new home . . . donated by OBC children.

I Met Lloyd Yesterday

Sunday David and Nancy Harper took me on a walk up into the hills behind the YWAM base.  Nancy had prepared some food for a local family that lives on the side of the road in the most basic of living conditions.  I was struck with how much this little walk reminded me of my time in Uganda.  Poverty is no respector of persons or countries.  I was impressed with the relationships that Nancy and David have developed with some of the local people.  God is blessed when we share our lives with others.

After climbing up a steep incline into an area that is being cleared out and purchased for the rich we stopped by and met Lloyd.  Lloyd has been living in the hills for a number of years and as a squatter has some rights related to living and relocation.  The BLAST children of OBC have been collecting money to help build Lloyd a small shack that will keep him dry and provide better living conditions for him.  Lloyd suffers with arthritis, has great strength for his age, and the fortitude to go along with that.

I was struck again of how people around the world, rich or poor, need to know Jesus.  There are so many questions with very difficult answers inside of each shack or hut that we pass by the side of the road.  Family breakdown, political turmoil, lack of infrastructure.  These are not problems to be fixed but people to be loved.  May God allow all of us the privilege of expressing the love of God through our hands and the words that we speak.

Safely in the land of “Mon”

Left Toronto below 0 and arrived four hours later to 28 in Montego Bay.  I am staying at the YWAM Base and teaching Biblical Worldview for a DTS this coming week.  David and Nancy Harper our missionaries to the Caribbean oversee this ministry. 

Highlight of the night for me was walking with Jack Harper (David’s dad) and talking to him about life and its various challenges while overlooking Montego Bay and all the lights.  I am grateful for great men of the faith like Jack Harper who continually remind me of how to put life in perspective. 

As Jack told me tonight, the outer man may be suffering but the inner man is being renewed every day.  Thank God for his work on the inner man.  God bless us all with his amazing work in our lives.  Refresh, renew, reenergize us with the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

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