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Earl Marshall

Month: September 2008

Off For A Month

This is my last posting for a month.  Brenda and I are on the eve of disconnecting from the world that we know and entering into another community experience.  For the next four weeks our focus will be on enjoying the blessing of this time of rest in our life.  We both have a pile of books to read and we are looking forward to some uninterrupted time in God’s Word.  The first half of our time away has been refreshing we can hardly imagine the joy that awaits us in the next four weeks.

Lots of things will change over the next month and I look forward to sharing some of what I am learning when I get back.  But for now I am unplugging. 

I am looking forward to coming back to an almost completed church facility expansion.  This is what some of it looks like right now.  These are exciting days.  Enjoy!

Church_construction_2  Church_construction_1

Family Rest In Between Hurricanes

Last week the four of us went to Orlando (September 1-5).  Why does one travel to Orlando the first week in September during hurricane season?  Well, its cheaper then.  Gustav passed on one side and Hanna the other while we enjoyed scorching hot, humid, and sunny weather.  We enjoyed our summer heat for five days in September. 

We had fun together!  I can’t overemphasize how important this is.  In family our lives are interconnected with one another.  During this season we have found both the joys and stresses of ministry life to have impacted all of us to varying degrees.  Intuitively all of us know this makes sense and yet our focus when the need for rest is diagnosed is more individual while perhaps forgetting the family unit that needs attention. 

So I am grateful to God who impressed on our minds the need to get away for a few days as a family.  We had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the blessing of God in our lives. 

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