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Earl Marshall

Month: November 2008

Jesus and Leadership

Last week Paul’s teaching of Jesus as the head of the church in Colossians struck me as liberating. There are different ways one could take the meaning of “head” in Colossians 1 but I see it as leader.

This does not mean Jesus is a model to follow in leadership (servant leadership or leading like Jesus) but Jesus is the active leader.

I have been thinking much about the differences betwwn the two and what the evidences are that one’s life is, or one’s church is being led by Jesus. I wonder what Maxwell would think? What are the irrefutable ways in which you can tell the difference? Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

Preaching on Marriage

This January – February we will be looking at God's design for marriage.  This is never an easy thing to talk about but always very necessary.  I have a staff brainstorming meeting on Tuesday where we will be bantering around topics that we think need to be covered in this sermon series.  I would appreciate your input.

If you were listening to messages on marriage what topics would you like addressed?

What’s Your Goal in Life?

I am just finishing my preparation for tomorrow and preaching in Colossians 1:9-10.  When you consider how amazing Jesus is, who he is and what he has done (check out Colossians 1:15ff) there is only one life goal that makes sense.  Paul emphasizes it in Colossians 1:10 "living a life worthy, pleasing Jesus in everything".  Living our lives in a way that meets and anticipates the wishes of Jesus. 

That makes sense to me but what is equally dramatic in these verses is the means by which this is accomplished.  Pleasing Jesus is not focused on my energy spent, my initiative but totally on God filling me with the knowledge of his will.  As the revealed will of God – life in Jesus, through Jesus, and in Jesus – in scripture penetrates deep into our hearts and takes control of us we are given the opportunity to please Jesus with our lives.  We gain clear discernment on how to live.

What an empowering story.  Just think that as we reflect on the love of God in our life through Jesus God does something wonderful in us and gives us the ability to live for Jesus.  This is nothing short of marvelous, wonderful. 

So now I ask for you what Paul asked for those in Colossae that God would fill you with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding with the hope that this will allow you to bring pleasure into the life of Jesus who deserves every ounce of all of it.  Amen to that! 

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