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Month: January 2009

The “S” Word

We are in the middle of the "Marriage Matters"  sermon series here at OBC and tomorrow we are talking about the role of husbands as heads.  One of the obvious teachings from Ephesians 5 is that being the head is all about sacrifice.  The problem for most of us guys is that when we hear the word "sacrifice" we freak out.  For most of us "sacrificing" for our wives means taking down our posters, losing freedom, less golf, you get the picture. 

We found this fun clip "Kramer's View on Marriage" that captures the prevailing mood of many.  This is not the kind of sacrifice that we are called to as husbands providing loving leadership in our homes.

So, it was kind of cool to go out to dinner with our good friends John and Kim last night and listen to the motorcycle trips that the two of them take together every summer.  Most guys are thinking sacrifice equals no more motorcycle.  Kim and John reminded me that biblical sacrifice in marriage does not necessitate the giving up of one's motorcycle.

Here's to open roads ahead!


Where would you work for free?

I was just listening to CBC Radio where they were discussing the “cool” places to work. In the course of conversation someone asked “if you had money what company would you want to go to and work for free?”

I want to put a twist on the question. If money were not an issue what church or Christian organization would you want to go to and work for free? Why? Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

Leadership Magazine Recognizes Chris from Canada

Leadership Magazine's recent Winter 2009 issue has recognized Chris Vacher's "Chris from Canada" as one of the most helpful worship blogs around.  Congrats to our favourite worship leader on helping churches around the world with his insights. 

Why Bother?

This weekend I am addressing students and their need to consider the importance of marriage. As I have been thinking more and more about the confusion in our culture around marriage, living together, divorce, same sex marriage, I am left with an important conclusion. We need to apologize.

We have taken marriage, that which is beautiful and sacred, and have failed to celebrate, cultivate, and protect it.

Words are not enough to express true remorse but they are all I have.
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Wounded Healers

What a fascinating and encouraging last few days. Visiting with some new and old friends in ministry left me with a fresh appreciation of the grace of God.

This was particularly true last night when we listened to a phone interview of a 50+ year old Senior Pastor who has contracted a rare degenerative and incurable disease that has left him in the need of a heart transplant. Listening to him talk about his struggle with medication and new found appreciation for every moment brought back a lot of memories for me. I wept as he recalled his conversation with his family this Christmas that either God would provide a transplant for him or take him home to glory in 2009. I felt very undeserving to be able to hear these words. I really felt like I was in the presence of greatness.

After listening to another testimony from one of the women in the group about her story of unfaithfulness and how God has graciously restored her, I was struck with a truism.

This seems to be the way that God works in his wisdom. Those that lead do so with a significant limp.
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Simple Truths

I am at a retreat for Senior Pastors and have been reminded of a couple simple truths.

Do the next obvious thing – instead of sitting around and wondering what to do, do the next obvious thing.

Act and operate like where you are headed to not where you are. I love this one.

Listen to those who have journeyed along the path much further than you have. We don’t do this well but it is such an important and wise thing to listen to our elders.
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