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Earl Marshall

Month: February 2009

God and Sex

This morning was the seventh message in our “Marriage Matters” series entitled “Sex is”. As I prepared I was struck by the deep spiritual reality of sex, that it is so much more than a physical act but one that reflects the nature of God’s oneness and is an amazing act of worship.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. What a powerful reminder of God’s presence in the marriage relationship.
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Women, Leadership, Church

I just listened to a Willow Creek interview with Bill Hybels, Nancy Beach, and Nancy Ortberg about women in church leadership.  It is part of the advertising for the upcoming Gifted to Lead conference.  I was struck again with the challenge in all of our church cultures to embrace women who have been gifted with life experience, character, and leadership that need to be shared in the body of Christ in positions of leadership.  

I am convinced that whether you are egalitarian or complementarian this is an important issue that needs to be discussed and reconciled.  Very thought provoking for me.

How do you handle disappointment?

Who knew Starbucks was so busy on a Friday afternoon! I am in a reflective mood this afternoon reflecting on the conversations I have engaged in this week. Some like last nights conversation with J and P reminded me of the impact we are making across our region, thrilling. Others not so much. In fact I am dealing with a level of disappointment these days. As they say, "it is all good" but not really. I am reminded this afternoon amidst my coffee loving friends that in times like these I have a hope in the invincible sovereignty of God knowing that God nevers withholds good from those who follow him (Psalm 84:11). Now if I could just get my head to inform my heart. It is all good.

Economic Doom and Gloom

Yesterday the jobless numbers increased for Ontario. The Toronto Star’s front page today did little to curb our enthusiasm for spreading doom and gloom. These certainly are tough times and many are talking 1929 and the dreaded 70 year cycle.

These days I am wondering what the church’s response should be to the pervasive culture of fear and despair. We certainly can’t turn a blind eye to the reality facing us but neither should we be swept up in the cultural mood of the day.

What does it mean to be counter-cultural today? What is God calling us to?

I am hopeful that we will engage the needs of our communities but I am equally concerned that we may lose our missional edge as we become. More and more concerned about a financial bottom line.
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