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Afternoon Session With Bill Hybels

  • Board Structure – Governance structures need to change. Move to policy driven governance. Reshape direction and clarify policies.

  • Individual Growth Plans.  How do we do this to scale? Need to identify the things that are catalytic -acivities and relationships- that will make this possible.

  • Emerging Church.  We should think more of attractional and missional rather than emergent. Sense that the perception on attractional being ego based with no concern for real life transformation. Sense that some who are missional want to redeem and restore and that it will take place only when we have a lot of "missional maniacs". Let's not fight about how we get more "missional maniacs". Its not attractional versus missional – it is both.

  • Retooling of Sunday Morning. So much has changed that when people come or make the effort to come they don't want a small dose of anything. They want it so give it. Preservice ministry time in auditorium. This is a prep time for the service, getting people ready for the service. Service is built around energized congregational singing and seekers want that – or at least can appreciate this; also a time when we are involved in deep reflection and contemplation coming out of singing time; then a public declaration time – prayer, reading God's word, training of a spiritual practice; followed by a substantive song; preaching; blur rnd of the service – time of prayer, musicians will. Continue to sing over you for as long as necessary, until Spirit wants you to leave (or the next service is coming in). Preservice and blurring the ending have had best impact. Planning of services Spend two hours with the planning team and Bill signs off on everything – songs, etc. Go over every part of the service, spend time in prayer, push for creativity. No one wants a mild treatment on anything any more so we need more time. What kind of hints do you give to help? Used to think that the first 30 minutes had to be apart of what we were teaching. Now we want a very powerful interaction with God, period. You want a very clear brand on your weekend services so that your people know what to expect and invite others. There is a reason people go to Tim Hortons. Values must drive what you do.

  • Need of a Replenishmenrt Strategy.  It is your job to make sure that you are replenished. 

11:00 Session With Bill Hybels

The following are my notes from the 11:00 session of Hybels comments at his coaching session. It has been all question and answer. Very good.

  • Twenty Somethings. Engage twenty somethings not by entertaining them but by engaging them in world oriented change. Social change and missional groups. Hands and feet of Christ as part of life.

  •  How do we change mindsets? Teach it and live it. Do churchwide initiative to give people a taste of it and passion for it.

  • Truth claims. How do we engage people with absolute truth? Engage people to have to make decisions about truth claims. A lot of times the doing of it will work out the decision making. Having to live it out.

  • Reveal study. Classes for explorers, beginners, growers, and christ-centered people. Do this in cobjunction with a renewed focus on evangelism. In order to keep evangelism a high priority it will take great energy. Why? People naturally move away from things they fail at or they perceive are not good at. Parable of the Sower was Jesus way of adjusting the expectations of those he was traveling with. That is Jesus knew that three out of four would not get it. Keep sowing seed, don't quit. Hybels sees us trading discipleship, social justice initiatives, for evangelism and this is not a good thing.

  • Group Life. Don't forget the value of biblical community and don't confuse that with methodology – how you do that. People will experience different kinds of community. The need for the church to supply organized structure for Christ Centered people goes down even though Christ Centered people have a very high desire biblical community. Vision for biblical community needs to be sold to explorers and beginners or growers.

  • How has training changed? Whenever you lower your training expectations you put your groups at risk. When we gather together the mere conversation fires people up. Gather people quarterly, share stories. Don't need to have everyone continue to go through basic training. Do this with your other key people with giftedness. Those who have the gift of giving, evangelism, etc.

  • Satellite Churches. If you are full and in three or more services, identify some core people and replicate. It is a no brainer assuming you have strength in what you are doing on Sunday mornings. Hybels says that what God has anointed is anointed for all time. So if you have an anointed communicator and team you have every reason to believe that God will do over there than what he is doing here. I have lots of questions about this.

  • When vision exceeds your human resources. Be a shameful asker. You need high capacity people to build up a ministry. You need high level capacity leaders because they can recruit people who are of lower capacity. Be on the look out for the right kind of people to serve in key positions. Look for opportunities to motivate and equip your leaders.

  • How do you know what your capacity is? Take responsibility for your leadership development, so you can best serve your church. Also complement your leadership. Add leadership horsepower around you. If you are the obstacle . . . resign. Have sober judgment about yourself. Consider the size of scale. Be careful what you hope for.

  • Family Ministry What do churches need to do? Childrens ministry on Sundays is not the full answer. Putting our attention on the parenting aspects-value. 

Granite or Sand?

Been a while since I have written. I have been reading Mancini’s book Church Unique and I was struck with the great statement that you need to know what is in granite at your church – core values, purpose – and what is in sand – things you do to accomplish the values and purpose. What struck me was the great reminder that one doesn’t change and the other must change in order for the values and purposes to be accomplished.

Unfortunately the weakness of leadership is in not continually reminding people of the granite. If we are focused on the granite then we have less time to try and hold on to the sand.
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