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Earl Marshall

Month: February 2012

Week #2 – “The Meaning of Marriage” (by Tim and Kathy Keller) Giveaway

My apologies to Boston for giving credit to Journey (first service on Sunday) for the song “More Than A Feeling”.  We are heading into week 2 of “The Art of Marriage” sermon series and every week we are giving away a copy of “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy and Kathy Keller.  Answer the following question in the comment section below to have a chance at this weeks book.  I will let you know by 12:00 p.m. on Friday.

This weeks question, “why is it important to believe that love is more than a feeling?”

“The Meaning of Marriage” Give Away

This Sunday at OBC we begin “The Art of Marriage” sermon series.  For the next six weeks we will be giving away one copy of Tim and Kathy Keller’s book entitled, “The Meaning of Marriage”.  To enter for a chance to receive a copy of this book answer this question in the comment box, “How has what God has done for you in Jesus Christ transformed your understanding of the nature of marriage?” This Friday at 12:00 p.m. I will announce who gets the book.

No More Wimpy Worship

Sunday’s sermon was about the one thing that we, the church, are supposed to do.  More fundamental than anything else we give God glory.  This impacts how view our life scattered throughout the week in the workplace, at the arena coaching, and in our homes interacting with our children.  It should dramatically impact our gatherings together on Sundays. Whether gathered or scattered to give God glory will necessitate an awareness on our part that glory is what God already possesses.  He is glorious.  There is no greater evidence of God’s glory than the grace he gives to us through Jesus Christ.

Being present in our awareness is not always that easy.  We are easily distracted.  So that is why I am challenging myself and all other pastors to give those who gather along with us on Sunday mornings a reason to give God glory.  Many of us grow frustrated that those that stream into the auditorium on Sunday morning are not ready to fully engage in worship and give God glory.  We wish parents  of young children who have just experienced organized chaos in their home twenty minutes earlier and a sleepless previous eight hours  were ready to shine the spotlight on God and express passion for God.  We wish the doctor on call sitting fifteen rows back could get his mind off the patient he just left in the hospital and focus his attention on God.  We hope that our co-workers can stop long enough on Sunday morning to think about God and not the person who needs something from them.  We long for the Sunday when the sense of anticipation is  “off the charts”.

It is incumbent on us that we orient one another to God’s glory so that all can respond and give Him glory.  No more wimpy worship!  Let us give those that gather a reason to respond right from the very beginning of our time together.  Let us give them a  glimpse of God in all of His glory.  Let us give them something grander than our instruments or oratory skills.  Let us show them the God of the Scriptures full of grace and truth.  Let us not assume they will piece it all together.  Let us boldly proclaim the greatness of God.  Let us shine the spotlight on Him first and watch the hearts of others follow.

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