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Earl Marshall

Month: September 2013

Thinking OUT

On Sunday Compass will wrap up the sermon series entitled “The Jesus Way”.  This Sunday we will consider our OUT relationships.  As a disciple of Christ my goal is to become more and more like Jesus Christ.  To aid me in this I have found it increasingly more helpful for me to think in terms of the three relationships of Jesus – UP (relationship with God), IN (relationship with other disciples) and OUT (relationship with those who are not followers of Christ).  I talk to many who are wondering about how they can interact with those that God has placed in their life with the gospel.  This video on Eric Metaxas might stir some thoughts as you consider how you interact with those who don’t know Jesus Christ in a personal way.

What The Ministry Staff Loves About Compass?

Yesterday I had the privilege of being with our ministry staff and asking them, “what is the one thing that you love about Compass?”  Their answers were beautiful and instructive . . .


Corporate worship gatherings

So much change and growth in the lives of so many people

You can find traces of the body of Christ within all the challenging and exciting diversity

The commitment of leadership to multiplication

Our reputation in our community.  The positive influence in our community and the potential to reach others.

Elders team and their commitment to our church and to each other

Unity and how we are working together towards the same goal

All the opportunities to grow

Truth is taught here

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