On Sunday December 1, 2013 Chris Vacher and I announced that we believe God is leading us from Compass to new ministry opportunities.  The Compass elders provided a letter that you can read here.  One of the questions that I am consistently asked is, “why now?”

Why now, when our church is about to embark on multiplication in Shelburne?  Why now, when spiritual health and vitality are being established in our church?  Why now?

The decision making journey that Brenda and I have embarked on has been a lengthy one that has covered seasons of intentional prayer and searching of the Scriptures for God’s direction.  In a time of ministry health and growing spiritual vitality both of us wrestled with a growing sense that God might be asking us to move on from Compass.

It has never been our intention to leave Compass.  Brenda and I have never set a timetable for how long we should stay or what the circumstances would be that would make it clear that we should leave.  We are grateful that we will be leaving Compass with a growing strength in its leadership and direction.  It is exciting to know that Jesus is the head of this church.  It took us a while to make this decision because we love Compass. We have been blessed and impacted by so many of you over the years.  You have invited us into your life stories and you have become a big part of ours.  We have laughed and cried together.  You have allowed us to care for you and so many of you have expressed care for us.  Making a decision like this has been difficult.  Last Spring, in the midst of our wrestling, while reading Genesis we believe God confirmed in us a direction to get ready to go and trust that he would show us where to go.  In July we shared this with our children and in September with our elders.

So, “why now”?  Well I suppose the only way I can answer that question is that we believe God is asking us to go.

The decisions that Chris and I made were made independent of one another.  Chris only found out that I would be leaving Compass on Tuesday November 19.  We are excited to see how God has directed Chris and Sonya to C4.  The journey that Chris and Sonya are on is clearly a God oriented one.  Please take the opportunity to speak to Chris about this and allow him the privilege to share his story with you.

Thank you for praying for us as we seek God’s direction.

You are loved!