I think it was Max Depree who said good leaders say thank you .  In my attempt to fall into the descriptive category of “good” today I am thankful to @ChrisfromCanada for the partnership in the gospel that we have shared for the past eight plus years.  This Sunday January 5, 2014 is Chris Vacher’s last Sunday at Compass Community Church in Orangeville, ON.  It has been my joy and privilege to work closely with Chris for a long time.  We both know way too much about one another.  Thus you will not find too many humorous anecdotes about Chris in this blog entry since he has twice as many about me.  Plus I believe  I covered that with my songwriting ability at our staff Christmas event.

Chris has directed our worship ministry at Compass for a long time and under his leadership our church has grown to learn how to better express themselves corporately before God and we have journeyed together in our pursuit of God.  Much of this is because of Chris and his heart for God and his passion to see us lift Jesus Christ high in worship together.

As the Lead Pastor of Compass and in the spirit of Romans 12:10 I want to communicate honour to Chris.

Chris thank you for . . . 

Owning the whole of our ministry at Compass and not just your part

Being faithful in your walk with God and leading your family in the same

Taking the time to affirm me

Journeying alongside of the rest of the team in pursuing God’s best for Compass

Asking good clarifying questions

Allowing me the privilege to speak into your life and giving me the honour of having you do the same in my life

Laughing with me and at me

For taking the word of God seriously

Being yourself . . . more than what you have done and you have done much . . . being who you are

You are loved!