Dr. Roy died last night.

The Canadian evangelical church has few iconic heroes.  I don’t think that is such a bad thing but it is also a Canadian thing. But for me Dr. Roy Lawson fits that larger than life status.  His booming voice, one of a kind gate, his bold proclamation of God’s Word, and his leadership had a priceless impact on me and the lives of so many of my generation.  I won’t name names but I could and the list would be very long of men and women who God changed, called into ministry, and impacted through Dr. Roy.

God graciously worked in and through Dr. Roy and we all got to watch the grace of God unfold in front of us.  As a 19 year old I listened to Dr. Roy preach and God propelled me into a life changing direction.  I’d like to think that the sermon he preached was his “Peter the Rock” message, just because I loved how he said “Peeeeter the Rawk!”  But whatever the sermon God changed my life, he called me into ministry.  As a 20 something year old it was the legend Dr. Roy who encouraged me with specific words after sitting and listening to me preach about being a servant. Looking back that seems so crazy to me.  As  a 30 and 40 something I was always amazed that every time I saw him he remembered my name and he always had words of encouragement for what he was “hearing” about our ministry.

So I want to, along with so many others, thank God for how He chose to use Dr. Roy Lawson.  All glory to God for how he fulfills his plans through His faithful servants.

With a thankful heart and eyes full of tears of gratitude,