img_3697It is Thanksgiving Day this Thursday. Being a Canadian in the USA has meant adjusting the rhythm of the fall and celebrating thanksgiving a month later than normal. Multiple options for turkey is always a good thing. This year I am thankful for the forty men and their wives and children who are stepping out in faith to plant churches all across the world in 2017. They are doing something that very few people ever think of doing, starting something when your not 100 % if there is anything. What lies ahead of them is great opportunity and challenge. They have submitted their dreams of locations to the leadership of Harvest Bible Fellowship. They have exercised humility in coming to learn from us. Some have put plans on hold and have seen God move them in a different direction. It has been amazing to work with each one of them.

The best part is knowing what God is about to do. In places like Charlotte, Seattle, Spokane, Madison, and Wichita, God is going to start a vertical oriented church for His glory. In the USA, Canada, Mexico, St. Vincent, Barbados, Belize, Uganda and Rwanda churches will be started with unapologetic preaching, unashamed adoration, unceasing prayer, and unafraid witness.

In three weeks, December 15, a new chapter of God’s faithfulness will begin to be written. So many great stories yet untold.