While I am not a believer in an attractional model of ministry, I am a believer in a compelling model of ministry. Every week people make decisions about whether or not they are going to come to the “gathering” and every week some come while others decide to do something else. Every week some serve our children during one of our gathering times and then they decide whether or not they are going to stay for the next gathering time, engage in worship and listen to the sermon live or get it later via podcast or CD, or dare I say, “not at all”. Behind every decision is a choice of one value over another.I can’t control the hearts of those who are making these decisions but what I have some measure of control over is the compelling nature of the gathering. If you believe, like I believe, that the gathering is an important part of disciple making then it is incumbent on us to make sure that the gathering is compelling.It seems to me that “compelling” is a result of being intentional in three areas – prayer, preparation, and presentation. The Spirit of God can do whatever he wants to do and whenever he wants to but clearly Scripture tells us that God loves to work in and through us. The Spirit can work spontaneously and he can work through intentional planning.So let me say it again, control what you can control and be intentional where you need to be. More often than not if you do that you will find Sunday morning compelling. Perhaps the following questions can help you in answering, “how compelling are our Sunday mornings?”PrayerHave we poured our hearts out in prayer to God this week asking him to be glorified and evident in the gathering?Have we asked God, for the sake of the gospel, to allow us to be just creative enough so that those listening and engaging in the gathering will be compelled to follow him and not us.Have we asked God for the Spirit to open the eyes of the spiritually blind?Have we cried out to God that his message would penetrate into the minds and hearts of those who will be listening? Have we asked that it would equip those who hear the Scriptures?Have we expressed to God our desire to be Christ centered in our gathering?PreparationHave we been ruminating over this gathering for some time, thinking about how to glorify God, honour Christ, and present God’s Word?Have we intentionally carved out the necessary time this week to prepare to do the absolute best that we can to lead people in Word and Worship?Have we identified a big clarifying God honouring idea for our gathering and does everyone leading understand what that is? Will everyone who attends the gathering understand what that is?Have we been sharing ideas with one another in preparation for this gathering?Do we have a sense of anticipating what God is about to do in our gathering?PresentationIs this time of gathering leading people to and lifting high Jesus Christ?If this message was preached to me would it compel me to examine my life, follow Christ and worship God?Is the liturgy and methodology of this gathering familiar and diverse enough to gain the attention of those in attendance?Just my “. of view”