The vast majority of questions that we received after the sermon on forgiveness had to do with our relationship with someone who is unrepentant.There is a difference between being forgiving and the transaction of forgiveness for sins.  Being forgiving is a matter of your heart.  In Mark 11:25 Jesus asks us to be forgiving which is something that we should always be ready to and with grace do.  God is always forgiving, he desires to forgive, and he also fulfills the transaction of forgiveness when someone repents of their sin.  The same is true of our interaction with one another.If someone has truly committed a sin against you, a deep offense, then reconciliation with that person will require not only your willingness to forgive but the transaction of forgiveness that is dependent on repentance.  We must always desire to be forgiving but reconciliation in your relationships will only take place if repentance takes place and you respond with a commitment of “I forgive you”. (Matthew 18:15-17 and Luke 17:3)The Scriptures teach that it takes two to forgive and reconcile.