This was one of those weeks. Usually that statement is followed with a pastors own version of “Alexander’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Day”. But it wasn’t one of those weeks it was one of those other kind of weeks.

This week I was reminded again of how much I love preaching God’s Word and watching the Holy Spirit do His work. I spoke twice last Sunday, like most Sundays, and then had the privilege of speaking at Heritage College and Seminary “Spiritual Emphasis Week”. I am still not sure what “spiritual emphasis” is supposed to mean but no one really clarified that with me so I spoke from the book of Judges Tuesday through Thursday. I loved doing this. It is my privilege to communicate the Word of God and this week I was reminded again of both the responsibility and the highlight that is for my life. Pastor we should never take this for granted.

This week I was reminded again of how much I love being with students. Being on campus for three days gave me the opportunity to engage in non-rushed and meaningful conversation. Listening to students share some of their dreams for the future was a thrill. I am so impressed with the number of students I talked to that are very serious about preparing to serve Jesus for the rest of their days. At least on one Christian campus I found students who want to engage in ministry and see God use them for His glory. Pastor it is important that you and I look for opportunities to see these students succeed. For the sake of the gospel we have to find a way.

This week I was struck with a sense of hope for the Church in Canada. The Spirit of God is at work in the lives of the next generation of Christian leaders. I am excited about that. Pastor we need to pray for schools like Heritage that are trying their best to help students reach their future potential.

Yes, it was one of those weeks.