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President George W. Bush to Speak At Tyndale University

Today's (September 13, 2011)  Toronto Star indicates that George W. Bush will be making a promotional appearance for Tyndale University.  This will no doubt be controversial.  When asked by the Toronto Star about this Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale indicated that even among this Christian university he anticipates some level of disagreement over the former President's speaking on behalf of Christian higher education.

Ironically the article goes on to indicate that according to Nelson, Tyndale should "not be confused with conservative evangelical universities in the U.S. including Liberty University, founded by the late Jerry Falwell, or Regent University, launched by Pat Robertson the T.V. preacher and former Republican presidential candidate. . . . Tyndale represents a more thinking kind of evangelicalism".

I am going to give Gary Nelson the benefit of the doubt and conclude that this is not what he said, exactly.  First of all, if this is a quote then he would be indicating that Liberty and Regent are institutions that do not reflect a thinking kind of evangelicalism.  I certainly hope he did not imply such a generalization.  Second of all, if he did utter these words then having former President George W. Bush speak at Tyndale will hardly make anyone think that Tyndale is not a conservative evangelical university and for some that it is an institution that represents a more thinking kind of evangelicalism.

It should be interesting to see if this generates the kind of publicity that Tyndale wants.  Perhaps any kind of news (good or bad) is good news.  We will have to wait and see.

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  1. It has since been reported that the Bush visit to Tyndale has been cancelled. Perhaps the students got their point across that Bush is not a follower of Christ but a self-confessed practicing member of the satanic Skull & Bones cult.

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