The first wave of baby boomers are retiring and I wonder, "what in the world are they going to do?"  Some are going to hit their sailboats and come up for air when they are good and ready.  Others are going to need to keep on working because the economy has tanked and so have their RSP contributions and pensions.  Others, perhaps most of them, are going to find that playing golf is not what it is cut out to be (I am trying not to daydream at this point). 

With ample energy and good health many 60 and 70 somethings will be looking for something meaningful to do.  Some will be looking for money but most to be constructive.

I wonder, will the Christian Boomers look to the church to provide this sense of meaning?  If not, why not?

I wonder, is the church ready to receive them?  Will our younger leaders be ready for them?