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Earl Marshall

Learning About Our Church

As part of my Doctor of Ministry program at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary I have been required to receive input from our congregation on my preaching.  So once in September and again in November of 2010 those in attendance on a Sunday morning were given the privilege to give their input. 

Next week I will give you some of the finer details of the results.  But reading through the demographic information received has been insightful and revealing about our church family.

80% of those in attendance on the Sunday mornings the evaluation was handed out actually completed a survey and handed it in.  That is totally beyond my expectations. 

Of the 80% who completed an evaluation we have learned the following:

64% are over the age of 40.  This certainly reflects the multi-generational look of our church but it also is a bit of a wake up call for me.  We aren't as young as we think we are.

30% listening to a sermon on Sunday are not married.

53% are female.

42% have been attending OBC for 5 years or less.

81% indicate that they have been a follower of Jesus Christ for more than 10 years.

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  1. interesting data to work with.
    Wonder if something like this would be a help id done once in the spring and then in the fall to see what changes may have occurred.
    Would certainly help leadership and programs in who they are reaching and who we need to be reaching out to that are not coming.
    Just a thought.
    This certainly makes working with the young adults even more exciting.

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