I tweeted a question last week asking people to submit how they felt about the potential of a mosque being built close to Ground Zero.  The responses I received were across the board from, "how dare they" to "why not?"  With such an emotionally charged issue it is not surprising that extreme responses will follow.  But there is a whole category of people who aren't really sure how to respond.  My guess is that most people, even followers of Christ, feel conflicted about the whole thing.  I am not always certain as to why that is the case but I am going to take a wild guess and say it has something to do with the tension we feel between prejudice and love, safety and calling, and other paradoxes in our lives. 

When you see the following picture how do you feel?


I find the extreme responses to this request to build a mosque overly simplistic.  While I see in this picture absolute illogical and foolish responses I am too aware of the motivations behind them.  Hatred, prejudice, the need to feel secure, and the longing for safety linger in all of us.  We should not always be proud of these feelings nor should we be surprised. 

God help us to not make the same mistakes our ancestors did.  It's complicated.