One of the great benefits to bringing in a new key member to our staff ministry team from outside of our church culture has been the opportunity to revisit the cultural values of our church. These are the “felt things” in our church that you catch over time but are important to articulate when someone is joining or attempting to discover things about your unique culture. Larry Osborne (Sticky Teams) calls them his plumb-lines. I call them “stuff that is important to us”.When it comes to working on our team here are some of the things that are important to us:Flexibility – We all have offices, we have minimum expectations for being in these offices but we love the opportunity that we have to be creative with when and where we do our work. I am sure this comes from my academic background but I can’t imagine working any other way.Face to face time – While many of us love our autonomy we also understand that it is imperative that we be around each other enough to establish communication and comraderie.Relationship – We absolutely must like one another and work at liking one another, even going bowling if it is absolutely necessary.Accountability – We love to be flexible but we understand the need to be accountable and do what we say we are going to do. This is an area that we need to grow more in but it is of stated importance.Resource – God has blessed our church with an absolutely amazing staff. Many of our staff are brilliant in what they do and we believe it is important that when God gives us the opportunity that we share them with others. We believe in learning from others as much as allowing others to learn from us.Dialogue – While each of us has our own areas of responsibility we love working things through together. We do our best to minimize silos and the only way we know how to do this is by interacting, discussing, disagreeing, and owning ideas and plans together.Look out for one another – There is a lot going on in our church and it can take its toll on our lives. So we are committed to making sure we are in a good space. Just this past Tuesday one of our team members, knowing I had been working around the clock the past couple of weeks, asked me in front of the rest of the team when I was going to be taking some time off. They even challenged me about what I was modeling by not taking enough time off.I wonder what some of the “stuff that is important to us” is for your team.