We had a meaningful morning of ministry as we gathered together on Sunday. I spoke with so many who experienced a new level of freedom in their spiritual journey. We need to regularly experience together lament in our corporate worship.

For that to happen will require a growing depth in our trust of one another and of God. We hide much too often behind our smiles when we are together. I totally understand why we do that. Being real together requires safety in relationship. It means getting beyond self imposed expectations of what we need to appear to be like in public. It requires giving space and freedom to those who are experiencing misery. Being happy all the time is not required. Tears do not always entail something is wrong. Tears are the marks of a real relationship.

Lament like so many other good things in life can migrate into something else, like pity. The difference as I see it is in how we are approaching God. Trust is the essential ingredient that leads to intimacy. As I see it whining has nothing to do with trust. When I whine I am really just listening to myself express my own pain. When I lament I am bringing my complaint, questions, anger, and pain to God. This is biblical lament. It is built on a trust in the God who it seems is silent. When we yell and scream out to the heavens we, at its basic foundation, are crying out to the God we believe hears and acts even though it feels like he is totally absent.

Doing this together will require extreme empathy. God help us to be real.
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