I am sitting in Starbucks this Friday afternoon and thinking about the many friends I know in pastoral ministry who are facing the hurdles of great disappointment. No one wakes up in the morning looking forward to disappointment but nonetheless many of us get up each day with its very real possibility. Whether it is a change in direction, a new path taken, that leads one back to where they started from, or the high expectations of hoping and dreaming for a life changing discussion with someone about Jesus Christ that ends up in the realm of sports and weather, disappointment feels like the ugly sister to the joy and thrill that comes from hope fulfilled.Those who persevere for Jesus Christ in the midst of unmet great expectations are the standard of faithfulness in ministry that we should all aspire for our own lives. The real challenge comes when we think that the Spirit of God is only in fulfilled dreams and not in the disappointment of unmet expectations. There are many around us that will want to remind us that the work of the Spirit is in the celebration of spectacular results. Thank God he is in the midst of the high moments. But praise be to God, as we languish in our desperation he is there.So today I lift my grande London Fog to salute those who wish tomorrow was Monday. God give us the boldness and fearless confidence in the gospel even in the midst of the dark moments of the soul.