Here are a couple of resources that will help you in your attempts to have God's Word the foundation for your life.

You Version allows you to download your favourite version of the Bible to your handheld or computer.  You can even develop your own plan for daily reading.  Fantastic stuff.  I still like being able to see the verses in context and I am still waiting for a better handheld application to do this.  I really enjoy the online version of the ESV that I was able to access when I bought my hardcopy of the ESV Bible.  I love how the cool mellow voice reads the text to me as I follow along.  Point is there are tons of resources now that give us great access to making meditation of God's Word that much more available to us right where we are.

Another resource is Verse Card Maker.  Now you can put the reference in and then "bam" out comes the verse on your printer.  Fantasic resource.