Looking forward to Sunday and the beginning of our mini-series on Psalms.  Here are some quotes as you consider the impact of this amazing part of God's Word on your life.

"Whoever has begun to pray the Psalter earnestly and regularly, will soon take leave of those other , easy, little prayers of their own and say: ‘Au, there is not the juice, the strength, the passion, the fire which I find in the Psalter.’ "(Luther)

"It seems to me also that the psalms are like a mirror. Anyone who recites them sees himself, and all the movements of his own heart and mind."  (St. Athanasius)


"I read the Psalms every day, as I have done for years; I know them and love them more than any other book." (Bonhoeffer)


"Words and music did for me what solid, even rigorous, religious argument could never do — they introduced me to God, not belief in God, more an experiential sense of GOD. Over art, literature, girls, my mates, the way in to my spirit was a combination of words and music. As a result, the Book of Psalms always felt open to me." (Bono)


"The world is the theatre of God’s glory." (Calvin)


"The psalmists have season tickets in this theatre.  All the Psalms are prayed in it.  They pray breathless in awe, laughing and crying, puzzled and dismayed, complaining and believing." (Eugene Peterson)


 “I became aware of three paradoxes in the psalms: that in them pain is indeed “missed-in Praise”, but in a way that takes pain fully into account;  that though of all the books of the Bible the Psalms speak most directly to the individual, they cannot be removed from a communal context;  and that the psalms are holistic in insisting that the mundane and the holy are inextricably linked.”  (Kathleen Morris)