The internet is full of blog entries that fill our hunger for controversy and in particular theological controversy.  Sometimes it can get downright nasty and there are many who have made a blogging name for themselves not only because of there ability to critique but the free way in which they call into question the character and holy sanctification of the person under examination.  Others, random commentators of blogs, leave one sentence trails of written destruction posted after blog entries for all the world to see (perhaps even after this entry).  Such "shock" writing needs to be reigned in.

Darryl Dash has a blog entry from John Frame on this very issue worth reading.  Ultimately we, the readers, can control this sardonic outpouring by refusing to slow down and watch, read, listen to the "car accident" up ahead.  But we seem to not have the ability to stop feeding at the trough of character assassination.  Critique away but with a deep respect for one another.