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I confess to rarely reading in detail all the information sent to me from the region of our denomination (FebCentral).  We are part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada, affectionately knows as The Fellowship.  Today I received the Dreaming About the Future survey which is going to serve as the basis about what the services the denomination will attempt to service its churches with in the future.  

There is the typical news but what stood out to me is the following declaration,

"The churches (of the Ontario Region) do not reflect the provincial ethnic demographic i.e. 85% of congregants are white; 62% of churches are in multi-cultural communities."

If the warning bells aren't already going off in denominational headquarters (it would be kind of cool if they actually did have a set of warning bells and perhaps even some sirens and red and blue lights) they should be now.  In one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world we are failing to impact a diversity of cultures.  Moving ahead in the future should constitute attention to the cities and what it means to engage in intercultural (or if you prefer "multicultural) ministry.  

It is time to move on this.   


  1. I would have thought as Fellowship Pastor you would more loyally read everythign coming to you from the FEBCC.

  2. Is the title of this blog thread a slam on the FEBC – DEMON-inational?

  3. I just don’t get why it’s anyone’s business if he doesn’t agree with his denomination. Give it a break already.

  4. I just got back from vacation. Sorry about the mess up with the title. My bad. Corrected now.
    My comments were not meant to be negative on The Fellowship. I am and continue to be very grateful for the friendships and support of our denomination.
    I do admit to not carefully reading everything that comes across my desk and computer screen. Guilty as charged. I don’t see any change in that area in the near future.

  5. Don’t worry – probably a Freudian slip.

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