One of the questions I am tossing around in my mind these days is, "what does it mean for the gospel to be at the center of my ministry/life?"  I have thought much about this the last couple of years but more abstractly.  As I have preached through 2 Peter 1:3-11 the abstract has become much more concrete especially as I consider how my life changes, matures, grows up in Christ.

Today I listened to the following message by Ajith Fernando, National Director for Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka.  I was struck by his humility and passion as he spoke of the importance of keeping the gospel central in ministry.  His first point of making the gospel accessible to our culture is worth serious contemplation.  I am thinking through the metaphors that will serve as bridges to the relevance of the gospel with those I do life with.  I believe his thoughts on a world that does not grasp guilt and sin are very applicable to our Canadian context.