Someone has said that tomorrows Nebraska versus Penn State football game will not be the Litany Lions fifth best game of the season. It will either by their best game or one of their worst and I along with so many others just wish there wasn’t a game at all. Playing football just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.There have been various feelings expressed the past three days. Outrage, sympathy, remorse, disappointment, to name a few, have been front and center in commentary and on campus. Sin once again has reared its ugly head. Even the most storied of football programs, even the most honored of coaches, even those who have statues of themselves on campus are not immune (of course I say this “tongue in cheek”). If you are a student of Scripture and life sin does not surprise us anymore. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Sin is not limited to the perpetrator. Sin does not play favorites. The unrest that we are feeling and viewing on University Park college campus is once again proof that something is fundamentally wrong with the world. Sin is the problem. The heart of man is desperately wicked.Tomorrow they may play football with the hope that the Saturday normal will drown out the terrifying impact of sin on a college campus but this was more than an emotional and spiritual fender bender. The moral choices of trusted leaders in the twenty first century are a clear indication of what is wrong with our world. Whether it is Wall Street, Europe, or the hallowed halls of higher education, it is clear that we are broken. Humpty Dumpty has fallen and all the Saturday afternoon king’s horses and men will not make Humpty better again.No “hail Mary pass” is going to save the day tomorrow or the next day. There is only one solution to the tragic state of affairs and it is God’s grace. Sin has a way of wounding and staining everything and everyone. So while we debate what is the right amount of justice for the victims and a school and its football program God’s grace is the only thing that will heal the deep wounds. Appealing for normalcy and time may allow for scars to form but the depth of sins impact demands a sacrificial grace that God can only provide. Jesus died so that we could experience God’s grace.So we pray for grace for the victims, heart changing grace for the accused, and grace for a world that is confronted with the very real wounds and brokenness of sin. Only grace deals with the root issues. Football won’t solve this problem only God can.