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Earl Marshall

Wow . . . they get it!

We had another discussion the other day about presentations by people we partner with or support in ministry.  Some times, actually a lot of times, we end up with a list of "can you believe that" or "I wish they had done this" things.  We are finding more and more the need to intentionally coach people through the process of communicating with our church family.  In our 21st century world this communication clearly extends beyond Sunday mornings.  So few get that.  But one person that does get it is Paul and Jennifer SadlerFEBInternational missionaries in Japan.  

It is so refreshing to see someone who is really trying to communicate and stay connected. 

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  1. Interested in your post… as you might guess. I’m guessing that there is more to this than just that they blog. How is it that they get it? I’d like to hear more of your thoughts. Maybe I can buy you coffee when I’m back in Canada… wait you don’t drink coffee!

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