I have the deepest respect for authors who attempt to communicate hermeneutical principles to the "rest of us".  Ever since my friend and colleague Bill Webb published "Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals" I have been searching for a book that could introduce some of the main hermeneutical principles in a way that is understandable and more readily leads to discussion for a less academic audience.  Scot McKnight has attempted to do just that with "The Blue Parakeet".  The first half of the book develops general principles for reading, understanding, and applying Scripture in a mild manner and general way.  The second half of the book applies these principles to the issue of "women in ministry" and does so with a much more pointed directive.

I found the book helpful especially with the concept of reading and understanding the overall story of Scripture and the use of discernment in the application of these principles.  However, I felt as if he had little patience for those who come to different conclusions on the issue of "women in ministry" and in a way that almost denies the spirit of the first half of his book.  I found that his lack of specific and exhaustive treatment on Pauline appeal to creation order and narrative a glaring weakness. 

This, however, does not take a way from how much this book is a positive contribution to more people understanding the issues surrounding the hermeneutical challenge of the 21st century.  Get it and read it!