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Earl Marshall

God’s Chisel

This morning I spoke on the quality of "moral excellence" from 2 Peter 1:5.  I so enjoyed working through the concept of how God coforms us into the image of Jesus through testing our faith this week.  Not that I enjoy the trial part but I do have a sense of "quiet confidence" in God knowing that he has a plan for making me "his masterpiece". 

We concluded our service with the following video clip of the Skit Guys, God's Chisel.  Many requested to see it again.  Clearly the Spirit of God was engaging in hearts and minds this morning.  

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  1. Awesome service last Sunday, i’m still on a high from it, God is working in many people’s hearts, i was moved many times to tears. We talked in length at small group and soooo many were moved as well. God is soooo Awesome !

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