A few things stand out for me from today. 

I appreciated the fact that Hybels did not have an agenda and was truly willing to answer questions.  More dialogue would have been good but it definitely wasn't an Amway presentation. 

The idea of missional living was reinforced for me.  The context this morning was around engaging 20 somethings but I see it much broader than this.  We speak of transforming our region and in many instances I don't see this happening until some of our church family sense a call from God to move in very close proximity with those in greatest need in our region.  The biggest challenge is keeping social justice issues tied to gospel.  We didn't work that through today. 

Last thing was a very practical but insightful concept.  Hybels spoke of the need to think through preservice and postservice times on Sunday morning.  I totally agree with his understanding that many of those who attend have made a conscious choice to do so and don't want us to hold back.  The design of the preservice experience and postservice experience is necessary for this.  Who knows maybe it will get people to come on time.