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Earl Marshall

The “S” Word

We are in the middle of the "Marriage Matters"  sermon series here at OBC and tomorrow we are talking about the role of husbands as heads.  One of the obvious teachings from Ephesians 5 is that being the head is all about sacrifice.  The problem for most of us guys is that when we hear the word "sacrifice" we freak out.  For most of us "sacrificing" for our wives means taking down our posters, losing freedom, less golf, you get the picture. 

We found this fun clip "Kramer's View on Marriage" that captures the prevailing mood of many.  This is not the kind of sacrifice that we are called to as husbands providing loving leadership in our homes.

So, it was kind of cool to go out to dinner with our good friends John and Kim last night and listen to the motorcycle trips that the two of them take together every summer.  Most guys are thinking sacrifice equals no more motorcycle.  Kim and John reminded me that biblical sacrifice in marriage does not necessitate the giving up of one's motorcycle.

Here's to open roads ahead!


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  1. Yeah well before you soft-sell sacrifice don’t forget that true sacrifice requires pain – just ask Jesus. Sacrifice without giving up stuff is no sacrifice at all.

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