Robert Benson in his book entitled “In Constant Prayer” tells the story of a conversation he had with a pastor who had a member that was complaining about what he felt was an excessive amount of liturgy in the service.

The member said, “I don’t like all the rigmarole. I don’t get it. Give me a couple of good old songs, and then preach me a good sermon, and let’s go home”.

The pastor responded, “The liturgy is not for you. On Sunday our job is to put on the best possible show we know how for God . . . if you get something out of it, that’s fine but if you don’t that is okay to. It isn’t even for you”.

While I certainly believe our times of gathering together should be opportunities of receiving I think the key to receiving is in the giving, to God and others.

The next time you or one of your “friends” is thinking of leaving a church because “I’m not getting anything from the sermons anymore” or the services “just aren’t doing it for me anymore”, just say, “it isn’t even for you”.
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