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Earl Marshall

Sabbath Rest

Last week Brenda and I enjoyed a week in Ohio putting into practice an extended period of Sabbath Rest at one of the Pastors Retreat Network locations.  It was a fantastic week of spending time together and alone with God without many of the normal daily distractions and it was free.  We were right in the middle of Amish country and I even was able to visit the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton.  Life is good!

While we were there we worked our way through a guided sabbath rest retreat.  It was a gift to be able to reflect on scripture for hours at end.  It was exciting to allow God to minister to me and allow the truth of God’s word to sink in. 

One of the passages that impacted me was Exodus 31:12-17 where God gives Israel Sabbath instruction.  It seems to me that the Sabbath was a sign of a particular kind of relationship that Israel had with her God.  This concept alone is worth exploring but I really want to focus on the idea that Sabbath practice was a means by which the Israelites could know God and that it was God that made them holy.  I take from these verses a very strong sense that in order to truly know God one must Sabbath.

So here is my question for those of you who really want to know God.  What does it mean for you to Sabbath so that you are really knowing God?  How do you implement that in your life weekly?

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  1. My husband Charles and myself came back home from YWAM England with the book “Celebrate the Feasts” by Martha Zimmerman. As we read that book, God led us to keep the Sabbath in our home.
    We did a word study on “Sabbath” from the Bible. Our lives have never been the same since then…. Sabbath has become an “appointed time” where we have a “date” with the Lord God.
    It has also has a wonderful effect of REST – on our minds, and bodies.
    Joan xxx

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