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Earl Marshall

Ready for Church Multiplication?

Multiplying_church I have been reading Bob Robert’s book, "The Multiplying Church".  Robert’s church, Northwood Church, is heavily invested in the planting of new churches not from a "lets start a new church" perspective but "lets multiply – start churches that start churches". 

It seems that church planting is a hot topic these days.  There is ongoing discussion as to whether or not we need more churches (which may be a statement based on form rather than function).  There can be no doubt, however, that we need more churches that are making a difference.  I see making a difference revolving around gospel ministry. 

This means churches that are

  • committed to Jesus
  • kingdom of God focused
  • community first orientation – connected and ministering to the wounds of their community
  • global mindset through an organic connection and multiplication strategy with the Church here and there
  • committed to a biblical DNA but extremely adaptable, flexible, and mobilized

So here is my question:

100 new Canadian churches making a difference, who’s in?


  1. I linked to this entry on my blog and was left a comment asking about how many churches are out there right now that are excelling in each of those bullets.
    He was able (from his own experience) to name churches that were good at individual things but seemed to be questioning whether there were any real “leading” churches out there who could help define what it looks like to be 100% committed to “gospel ministry”.

  2. I’d love to be in. What next?

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