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Earl Marshall

Preaching Calendar Questions

It is that time of year for me, an annual rite of spring.  It is time to put together my preaching calendar for 2008/09.  I want to engage more people in the process by allowing an opportunity for greater input with ideas for sermon topics, questions to be answered, etc.

I need your help.  Give me the specific questions you would ask people in order to receive the appropriate input into the planning of your preaching calendar.  There are the obvious questions like . . .

  • What do you perceive are the needs of our church family that need to be addressed this coming year through Sunday preaching?
  • What are the big questions your friends are asking about life and God?

Perhaps you have others and some not so obvious questions.  Awaiting your response.  Original work is appreciated.


  1. No questions posted yet? How about: “Which book of the Bible have you always wanted to study but haven’t done so yet?” (Do I dare answer Revelation???) 🙂

  2. How about taking the Message to the community.
    Lets put up a big tent in the parking lot on Main street and hold an open door, walls, arms, service with a seperate tent for the kids and plaster the town with invitations. Bring in a ringer of a choir so there is no way anybody in the town of orangville doesnt here us singing his praises. With outreach booths made for anyone to approach and hey maybe even a bit of grub after? Just a thought.

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