I went with my family to the latest Narnia movie yesterday.  The movie version of the C.S. Lewis classic definitely takes some creative license but all in all captures the essence of the book.  Some have critiqued that Aslan is not directly involved enough in the movie (dream scene and the end).  I found, however, this aspect of the movie version strengthens the overall story line of personal transformation and belief in and dependence on God. 

There are so many great allusions to the struggle within especially between Peter and Caspian (the White Witch scene) and this over against the pure faith of Lucy.  Even the change in language from fighting for Narnia at the beginning of the story to fighting for Aslan at the end adds to the story line.  Lucy’s conversation with Aslan in the forest about Lucy knowing that Aslan was there even though the others did not believe it to be so and Aslan’s question, "why did that stop you from coming to me?" is poignant.

Great story . . . if your kids are going to watch this conflict filled movie go with them so you can explain the deeper faith journey afterwards.