Reason_for_god I am just finishing Timothy Keller’s, The Reason for God.  This book is worth the praises it has received.  While Keller recognizes that there are different barriers to people believing in God he spends most of his time investing in the intellectual reasons.  The first half of the book deals with many of the well known "doubts" that people have regarding the existence of God.  The second half of the book deals with the reasons for faith in God.

This is a good read.  I found it intellectually stimulating and very affirming.  In particular I found three  chapters helpful.

"Intermission", the in between chapter that is between doubt and reason, gave a great apologetic visual.  Keller talked about C.S. Lewis’ metaphor for knowing the truth about God as the risen sun.  His point is that instead of looking directly into the sun (which will burn your retinas) for proof that the sun exists why not look at "what the sun shows us".  Keller says, instead of looking for irrefutable proofs for God why not look at what account of the world (worldview) makes most sense of the world and ourselves.  Seems obvious but not to most. 

"The Clues for God" reminded me of the power of beauty and creativity as pointing to the existence of God.  You can read the chapter for yourself but I was again reminded of the importance of art as a window to the soul.  This is what it means to be a human created in the image of God.

"The Knowledge of God" chapter speaks to the issue of morality and who decides what is moral.  The evolutionary arguments to morality seem to leave us with a "bad taste in our mouths" where as the understanding that morality is rooted in God while not an irrefutable argument certainly is a strong argument for the existence of God and a certain type of God.

Thanks to Keller who not only gives reasons for but also explains the story of scripture.  Those interested in apologetics would do well to read this.  It reminds all of us that giving a defense for the hope in us is not primarily about answering everyone’s questions and objections as it is about pointing people to Jesus.