I have blogged about "The Shack" back in October and since then many of my friends have read the book and been impacted just like I was.  William Young (Paul) is coming to Kitchener next Friday and Saturday.  I am thinking about attending Friday night because I am very interested in his first talk on the Trinity which I believe is the essence of the issue that this book addresses.

The following is the schedule.  Brad Watson tells me there are lots of tickets still available.  Which may not be such a good thing for Brad but great for you.  For more information go to www.grandviewchurch.ca

William Young Friday Session

7 – 8pm            "Why How We Understand God, His Nature and Relationship Within the Trinity Affect The Way We Live Our Lives: Why The Story of the Shack Is So Incredibly Powerful."

8 – 9pm            Roundtable Discussion:  William Young, Ian Campbell, and Dr. Barker.  “Papa, The God Who Roars, and the God Who Weeps!”

William Young Saturday Session

9 – 10am           "The End of Future Tripping: Joy’s Companionship" 

10 – 11am         Q & A Session with the Author      

11am – Noon     Book Signing

Brad Watson

Pastor of Learning & Reaching Out Ministries

Grandview Baptist Church

250 Old Chicopee Drive,

Kitchener, ON, N2A 4J2

519-894-5513 ext. 246.