Sunday David and Nancy Harper took me on a walk up into the hills behind the YWAM base.  Nancy had prepared some food for a local family that lives on the side of the road in the most basic of living conditions.  I was struck with how much this little walk reminded me of my time in Uganda.  Poverty is no respector of persons or countries.  I was impressed with the relationships that Nancy and David have developed with some of the local people.  God is blessed when we share our lives with others.

After climbing up a steep incline into an area that is being cleared out and purchased for the rich we stopped by and met Lloyd.  Lloyd has been living in the hills for a number of years and as a squatter has some rights related to living and relocation.  The BLAST children of OBC have been collecting money to help build Lloyd a small shack that will keep him dry and provide better living conditions for him.  Lloyd suffers with arthritis, has great strength for his age, and the fortitude to go along with that.

I was struck again of how people around the world, rich or poor, need to know Jesus.  There are so many questions with very difficult answers inside of each shack or hut that we pass by the side of the road.  Family breakdown, political turmoil, lack of infrastructure.  These are not problems to be fixed but people to be loved.  May God allow all of us the privilege of expressing the love of God through our hands and the words that we speak.