We have been working our way through the book of Acts and looking at the call on our lives as followers of Jesus to be Holy Spirit empowered witnesses of Jesus.  The teaching has evoked some significant discussion.  I believe that the gospel is represented by both message and deeds.  That both are vital and are glued together with "relationship".  There are, of course, various levels of relationship.  I watch the portrayal of Paul in Acts and I wonder about the relationships forged behind the words.  How much time did he spend interacting with others?  Did he ever shovel someone else’s driveway?  Did he take fresh baked cookies to a new neighbour?  You get the picture.

Then there is the realization that we all aren’t called to be Paul.  Most of us fit into the category of Acts 2 and the witness in Jerusalem through the gathering in homes across the city.  This description is highly relational.  Propositional – yes but very much relational.

One of the men who influenced my life when I was twenty something was Bill Commons of ABWE.  He has written an article entitled "More Than Words" which summarizes well the point.