Macleans recently interviewed Woody Allen talking to him about film making and other things (most you may or may not interest you that’s why I call them "things").  For being a non-intellectual (Allen calls himself that) I found his expression of his view on life and its "meaning" lucid yet hopeless at the same time.  Perhaps you will find this interesting.

When asked about the seeming paradox in making films about the meaninglessness of existence.  Allen answered,

"I have no real answers or knowledge of these things, I only have my feelings about them, and I’m ready to explore all the possibilities. My own personal conclusion concurs with what seems to be the everyday finding of our physicists, that it was an accident, that it will end, and it was just an odd little phenomenon that has no meaning, that [it] wasn’t created by any super-being or with any design, it’s just a chance phenomenon and a micro-speck in an overwhelming, violent universe, and it will end, and everything that Shakespeare did and Beethoven did, all of that will be gone, and every planet will be gone, every star will be gone–down the line–but that’s where we’re headed, out of nothing to nothing. And yet the trick, to me, seems to be to find, not meaning, but to be able to live with that and to enjoy life. By enjoy it I don’t mean sybaritically, I mean to be able to find some kind of MO where you can enjoy your life, even if it’s abstemious and you spend your life in a monastery and you enjoy culturing flowers and pea pods every morning or something, but if that will get you through it in some decent way, that’s the best you can hope for. To live with the awful truth, we’re endowed with this denial mechanism. Some people have less of a denial mechanism than others, but without it, if you faced the real truth all the time, it’s very, very unpleasant."

I love that word . . . sybartically . . . but what a drag to live life without meaning and only hanging on with the hope of some sense of enjoyment.  I find it intriguing that a life that has no meaning could lead Allen to somehow know the real truth. 

My thoughts.