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Earl Marshall

The Truth Project

Just got back from Focus on the Family’s Truth Project seminar at Rexdale Alliance Church.  I attended last night and this morning (yes I left early . . . no particular reason except that is what I do and Sunday is coming) for a few reasons.  I used to teach a Christian worldview course a number of years ago and I have been asked to do so in Jamaica March 2008 (honest, really I am teaching while I am there).  I, like Focus and others, am concerned with the disconnect between what we say we believe and if we really really believe it is true for our lives.  There continues to be faulty thinking behind our praxis.  Lastly, I was just really intrigued to see how Focus would present worldview in a postmodern world.

Here are some of my observations:

  • The content and presentation is great.  The DVD set is worth looking at and has some really helpful information.  I love the fact that they have made it small group based.  The material should stir up good conversation.
  • The presentation is modern and anti postmodern.  This is problematic.  I find this troubling.  The underlying assumption is that postmodernity is wrong and needs to be corrected.  I found the response of the audience to numerous video clips where individuals expressed opposing point of views telling.  One such video clip was of a minister in a universalist church attempting to explain truth like a cathedral’s various windows with light streaming through each and how that the light (truth) is different depending on which window you are watching.  This was met with laughter from the audience.  Perhaps this was nerves but I think it expresses an "out of touch"ness on behalf of evangelicals.  If we find this hard to believe maybe it is because so many of us are not in touch with our neighbours, co-workers, and family members. 
  • In the midst of multicultural Canada there were very few, if any, individuals of ethnicity.  Is this a reflection on Focus, evangelicalism in Canada, or what?
  • I think the content is excellent although it will definitely need to augmented for a postmodern audience.  I found this especially true in the discussion on what is truth.  The relationship of God is truth and truth as propositional truth needs to be explored in more detail.  In particular the questions of epistemology will need to be answered.  What does it mean to have hope that because God is absolute truth that we may be able to find truth and yet on the other hand to have enough humility knowing that we are the one’s God has left to discover the meaning of that truth – and dare I say – prone to getting things wrong.

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  1. I saw the comment total was zero and I couldn’t just read and run. Thanks for letting me know you were doing this, I must have missed that announcement. I look forward to learning more about the ‘Project’.

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