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Earl Marshall

Morning of Prayer

Yesterday (Tuesday) we took an entire morning to talk and listen to God about our relationship with him and each other.  Perhaps this does not sound like such a revolutionary idea for a church ministry staff but there is so much activity that creeps into the daily and weekly life of a church that can get in the way of fundamental spiritual disciplines.

This was a good life moment for me.  One that was very much needed.

A few highlights from my space . . .

Having Justus Miwanda with us.  Justus is our partner with International Needs Uganda.  It has been an absolute joy to get to know this man of God over the last few years.  He is an answer to prayer for our church as we have prayed that God would help us transform our world and now we are able to do so in Uganda.  Justus prayed with and for us.  I was reminded again of what God is doing in our church.  It was like he was part of our ministry staff.  I suppose that is how I see him now.  Part of us and we of the ministry in Uganda.

Reflecting on the words of "Take Time to Be Holy" encouraged me especially of God’s continued guidance in my life.  What a great reminder.

Having the ministry staff pray over me.  There is not a week that goes by and I am reminded of how blessed I am to work with such a talented, gifted, committed and called group of people.  And if some of you are reading this what blows me away the most is how jazzed you are about being with one another.  This team is amazing and I am blessed to be able to be part of this family.

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  1. Hi Earl…Sounds like a great place to work. Unfortunately the outside world from my experience isn’t as enjoyable however we can as Christians try to make it a better place .
    I do think that you have a great staff there , must be as no one has told me off yet .
    I am enjoying your messages.

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