OBC met Sunday morning (January 1, 2012) and made a resolution for 2012. I had been wondering, “if there was one important thing we would resolve to do together in 2012 what would that one important thing be? There are so many different and good things we could resolve to do together in 2012. We could pray more, read through the Bible together, all worthy of our attention. But a good resolution is always an intersection between the truly important and urgent. This would mean that it has to be a high value from God’s perspective (Scripture) and a pressing need in the life of our church.As we look forward to reaching our region and seriously consider what “multiplication” looks like for us as a church this year it seemed fitting that we consider the following for our 2012 resolution:”We resolve together that each of us share our faith in Christ with one other person in 2012.”To encourage this we are asking that each student and adult that is a follower of Jesus Christ and calls OBC home prayerfully consider who the person is that God has brought into their life to share their story of faith and God’s story with. Over the course of the next few weeks and months as the name of that person becomes clear, come to the prayer room and write the first name of that person on one of the walls in the prayer room. This will allow many who visit the prayer room to pray for the name of that person. When you have shared your faith in Jesus Christ with that person return to the prayer room and circle their name. This will encourage you and everyone else as we see how we are together fulfilling our resolution to share our faith in Jesus Christ with others.Check back here for regular updates and helpful information as we move together to “fill the walls” in 2012.