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Week #2 – “The Meaning of Marriage” (by Tim and Kathy Keller) Giveaway

My apologies to Boston for giving credit to Journey (first service on Sunday) for the song “More Than A Feeling”.  We are heading into week 2 of “The Art of Marriage” sermon series and every week we are giving away a copy of “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy and Kathy Keller.  Answer the following question in the comment section below to have a chance at this weeks book.  I will let you know by 12:00 p.m. on Friday.

This weeks question, “why is it important to believe that love is more than a feeling?”


  1. If we don’t get past the idea that love is a feeling we will never receive nor respond to the love of God or the people around us in concrete, unconditional, self-sacrificing acts of service.

  2. If love was only a feeling, there would be no basis upon which commitment would function. Anytime love disappeared, like any other emotion, we would not feel compelled to remain in relationship with the one we loved. Once we recognize love as a self-sacrificial covenantal commitment between two people we will have something to cling to once emotion leaves. Emotions come and go. Commitment to sacrificing one’s self-interest for another can stay forever.

  3. Feelings come & go, a mood can change how you feel about someone/thing. Love is something that means so much more than a feeling, love can move you to do things that you didnt think were possible & stays there forever. Love gets you through all the rough times & helps you to endure whatever you are given together.

  4. Feelings are temporary and often change depending on circumstances. Love is a commitment and a choice. In the case of marriage it is a covenant you have entered into. You can’t commit to feeling happy or romantic love all the time, but you can commit to trying to show love the way Jesus has modeled for us and to staying with the person even when the feeling of love isn’t there.

  5. feelings are abstract but love has substance … 1 Cor. 13 defines love to Gods standard … true love is a choice not a feeling…. feelings do not stand the test of time or the fires of adversity …. you can’t just feel love you have to be able to act with love consistently even when the feeling of love is absent.

  6. As another infamous band once said “Love is a verb”. Therefore, love must convey an action. If love is only a feeling, once those feelings fade, what is there left?

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