It is not always easy to identify the issues, challenges, and even the opportunities in a given church but when we do how do we categorize them?

There are financial challenges, evangelism opportunities, lack of members with a sense of ownership issues, etc.

How do you view these problems/opportunities and their corresponding solutions?

Try this next time.  When you are in the mood to evaluate ask yourself, “what are the spiritual challenges and opportunities in our church?”  The question is important because it will force you to consider the issues you are facing and the corresponding solutions in a very different way.

Its not that every issue or opportunity is spiritual.  Like someone once said, “a burnt out lightbulb is a burnt out lightbulb.”  We shouldn’t turn every issue into a spiritual mountain to be climbed.   But not asking the question “what are the spiritual challenges facing our church?” is to ignore the reality that many of the issues you are facing may indeed be an indication of a spiritual challenge that needs to be addressed.

As leaders we should be wary of “God talk” while at the same time not shying away from the question rooted in our belief that life is a spiritual battle.