Multiply is the call on our lives.  Jesus said, “make disciples”.  We go, invite others into an “all in” relationship with Jesus Christ (symbolized through baptism) and in our interactions with one another help each other in our pursuit to imitate Jesus Christ.  There is no one way model of doing this.  In general the New Testament focuses on those who are more spiritually mature investing in those who are less spiritually mature.  However, disciple making can happen peer to peer and should be the foundation for all of our interactions with one another.  It seems to me that it is important that we remember that I am at once both a “teacher” and a “learner”, one who is discipling and being discipled.

Tools are helpful in this – so here are some of the tools I am using right now to help me be a more effective disciple maker.

In my interactions with those who are exploring the idea of following Jesus Christ – check out the app 2 Ways to Live by Matthias Media

In my interactions with those who are new followers of Jesus Christ check out the New City Catechism app by Redeemer Church in New York.  Understanding and applying doctrine is essential to character development which is at the heart of disciple making.

For those who have a long commute into the city via Go Train and subway check out the Redeem the Commute app.  These short lessons will generate discussions between husbands and wives.