It is Friday afternoon and I just finished packing up my office.  This afternoon leaving Compass got real fast.  It has been a five month journey from announcing that we believed God was calling us to leave Compass to our last Sunday, April 27, 2014.  My blog entries over the next couple of months will be mostly about the “in between” adventure that God is taking us on.  We are leaving Compass trusting God for what is next, not having a clue about what is next.  I hope to be able to capture my thoughts, concerns, hopes and emotions in the weeks ahead.  Perhaps doing this will help someone else who follows in these same steps.

This week has been full of many tears.  Brenda and I have been reflecting often on the past twelve plus years of ministry.  I have also taken the time to write about some within our church who have made a huge impact on my life.  These are people we have journeyed with through different challenges and joys.  Every time I have stopped to reflect about someone it has been like someone has ripped my heart right out of my chest.  I have found myself sobbing over the depth of love God has given me for these friends who have blessed my life.  Tears of joy and pain.  Lets just say I have gone through a lot of tissue this week.

The five month period has probably been too long.  Not probably, it has been too long.  It has been a perpetual goodbye tour.  All of it good, normal and much of it awkward.  If I were doing this again I would say 2 to 3 months tops for the goodbyes.

It is times like these that it becomes apparent how much God has knit our hearts together with others.  I am experiencing how much I am loved and how much I love others.  God is good.

It’s Friday and Sunday is coming.